Todays events only shows personal calendar

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature but I only see events from my personal calendar. I have several calendars that subscribed to, and I would like to see those events as well.

Unfortunately you aren’t providing much information about your environment so that all is about gessing a possible root cause. First of all you should read the related chapter in the user guide.

  1. You have not activated the calendar in the left pane of the calendar list.

  2. The background synchronization hasn’t been set-up correctly.

  3. The refresh interval is not set correctly, see e.g.

    Calendar subscriptions refresh rate as a user

I added the calendar as subscription and the events as described in guide. I am not sure about number 2. since I assume it synchronizes correct. 3. I changed the update interval to once a day. I am not sure why this would have any impact on the events not showing up in the dashboard because they do show up fine in the calendar.

Hi, thanks for your report.

Indeed events from subscribed calendars are broken.

I’m working on it.

Here is the related report on GitHub: Events from subscribed calendar not showing up in Upcoming widget. · Issue #5628 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub