To me on nextcloud' site people come as home

The situation.

  1. On the work (office etc), in a foreign computer I go to my nextcloud one.
    (there is such a situation) Suddenly lights out. I already can’t leave from that site.
  2. Then I reset my nextcloud password.
  3. On the work I turn on computer, open my nextcloud one and still be watch my resources. Without password (because I didn’t press log off item before turning off a computer). It’s really work. Remark: That action can be not only I. Any people!!!

Must I wait, when in certainly place light on/turn on a computer, when I use my nextcloud resource? A changing password action don’t help in that situation.

I’m not familiar with the Nextcloud internals but it seems to me that the password change process doesn’t invalidate active sessions.

I am curious about one thing that could help hone in on this:

When you area able to still watch your resources, are you able to
-load new pages
-or just access what you could see on the page that was already loaded?