Tired to delete duplicates files all the time

Hi all,

I’m using Nextcloud for personal propuses, for example sync files with an android cell phone (most of the cases) Always i find duplicates files, not found the real cause why this happen, so i been deleting it with Duplited file’s tool. But i’m tired of this tedius task.

Data of the system:
Operating System: Linux 5.15.61-v8+ aarch64
CPU: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 (4 cores)
Memory: 7.63 GB
External USB (SATA disk)

PHP, Versión: 8.1.12
sqlite3 3.34.1
Use Docker, Nextcloud hub 3 (25.0.1)

Do you know how can i fix this definetly? Any help?

The conflict files are created when the file you are syncing has been changed since your last synchronization and you have changed it on your client as well.
The sqlite “database” is not very powerful and just a fall back (if you don’t have anything else), and if there are many things synced, it can take some time and using different clients at the same time it is more likely to run into conflict than with a real database used (+ file locking cache redis).
All this normally can be used with a raspberry as well. I am not sure about the device’s limits, for a few family members not too heavily using it, it should be ok.

Not sure where you did get your docker image from, I’m not too much in the docker stuff. The NextcloudPi project did quite a lot of optimization with these devices.

Hi @tflidd, thanks for replying,

I’m using the official docker image: Docker

Also using the official Android Nexcloud client to sync files (only one). No files modification, the action is move files to the “sync-folder” on the android device, so the client detect that folder and sync when the device is charging.

So, i’ll try to migrate using this : Converting database type — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

In the description there is a part how to connect to an external database.

Perhaps someone can help out here, I’m not familiar with the docker stuff (e.g. if you can migrate to external database etc.). Sorry.

Hi, take so time to remember the passwords, but seems migrated.

db:convert-type [–port PORT] [–password PASSWORD] [–clear-schema] [–all-apps] [–chunk-size CHUNK-SIZE] [–]

docker-compose exec --user www-data app php occ db:convert-type --port=“3306” --password=“” --all-apps mysql root db nextcloud

Now in GUI show: mysql version: 10.5.17

i gonna test it tonight, syncing a lot of files.

Thanks for helping.

Hi again, try sync files with android client and the migrated BD, still getting duplicate files.

Any ideas? i don’t know what to do.


PD: Last time duplicate 4 times, this time 2