Tips on backup setup

looking for tips on setting up a backup solution to AIO.
I’m quite a beginner to all that so I’m looking for solutions which are safe but also easy to spin up.

I’ve found an intriguing offer by Backblaze which can easily sync up with my VPS (using their integration probably SSH) and keep a copy of my files off premises, which can later be retrieved upon request.

I’m generally interested in something that requires the least configuration which means a slimmer chance for errors.

curious to hear your thoughts and solutions:)

AIO comes with a backup solution buit-in. That might be the easiest solution.

I got a little lost with that I’ll admit. does the built-in backup feature create a folder, elsewhere on my drive, that the content of which is synced to the Nextcloud datadir?

if this is how it works, it sounds great but I’d still like to have the backup folder sending its data to an off premises storage, in case I mess up my VPS.