Timing out on Finish Setup?

I am trying to install nextcloud on a raspberry pi using a LEMP stack (nginx, mysql, php).

When i navigate to the page to create the admin account and finish set up, it just spins. It gives no error - but it does create ~56 oc_* tables in the mySQL database. (see image) But now the site just gives a file not found option and the only thing i can do is delete the web directory folder and redploy it :confused:

I also followed this post to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this?


@Bryan_McCormick I would love to help but the information you provided is a bit vague.

A file not found option from a correct downloaded tarball or zip from nextcloud.com is very unlikely. I personally set my Nextcloud 14 up a few days ago (not the first time) and everything was okay…

The question to help you further would be from my side: Where is the file not found exception appearing? In nginx, php or Nextcloud itself?

Are any other to Nextcloud related errors in your mysql, nginx, php or nextcloud log files?

The file not found error comes from nginx. I have not been able to find any logs that are helping with the error. I checked in journalctl, and /var/log/nginx and /var/log/mysql. All seems normal.

Is there any other place i can check for nextcloud errors?

** EDIT: i just tried an installation via the command line and it said it finished successfully. But I still the error above…I’m not sure how i can get to the actual web interface?

That is really a strange one. Is the port in the url ok? Because by default I would install it to 80 and/or 443…

What is the nextcloud log saying if you call the site?

Sorry for the late anwer I have overseen the notification in my inbox.

Sorry I found my issue. The issue was in my nginx virtual host file. I VERY closely followed the sample vhost file here and it worked like a charm.


Then mark your own last post as the answer.

I have the same issue with a run-of-the-mill nginx+php-fpm setup in Docker for Mac.

I suspect that a slowdown caused by docker volume performance issues on Mac slow down the install process, and makes it time out.

Setting a higher timeout value (“fastcgi_read_timeout 600;”) is enough to finish the install.