Timing of new releases

Today I got notified for a new release of NextCloud, 20.0.4. I use docker images, so I updated my docker image, and indeed in downloaded a bunch of new images, so that seemed allright. I went to the nextcloud site, but it was still on 20.0.3.

This isn’t a first, it’s happening every now and then. I’m guessing the update I got was security patches or something, I found this change which I’m guessing is responsible for the update. So that’s a new docker image but still the same nextcloud. The docker image for 20.0.4 will probably appear later.

I suppose the reason for this is that it’s different teams doing nextcloud releases and docker image releases but I still find this kind of annoying.

Reading on this page it seems to say that there’s some time between the release is released and it appears in the release channel. Can’t that time be used to also release the new docker images so that when I get notified of a new release, it’s actually available?


That has no effect on the availability of the new Docker images. Either the new image has been built or not and at the moment 20.0.4 is jut not available: https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud/?tab=tags

Yeah, I’ve understood that that’s the situation. I’m just inquiring if it would be possible to change that. That would be nice, that’s all :slight_smile:

Maybe the docker images could use another release channel that notifies the availability of new nextcloud-docker images instead of new nextcloud versions, I don’t know. Just looking for a practical solution. But if I’m the only one that has this “problem” then by all means ignore me… :slight_smile: Just trying to give some feedback.


Ok, I guess I didn’t read that properly. Technically it should be possible but could get complicated. There is probably no simple way for a NC-instance to check which images are available, so NC would have to host a list that the updater can pull. And it would require Docker-specific code in the updater and I don’t see that coming anytime soon.

I got the same notification by the way. Now we know that 20.0.4 exists an can try again :slightly_smiling_face: