TimeZone Error. Falling back to UTC

I am receiving the following error whenever I enter the Calendar app.

“Your configured timezone (America/Indianapolis) was not found. Falling back to UTC.
Please change your timezone in the settings and report this issue.”

I added a the following entries into my Apache php.ini file and restarted the Apache server.

date.timezone = America/Indiana/Indianapolis

However, I still continue to get the error.

Due to the error, I am unable to add an event. When I try to add an event, I get "from Invalid date at Invalid date
" in the event popup box.

I forgot to mention that I am running on the following.

Ubuntu = 18.04
MySqL = 5.7.29
Apache2 = 2.4.29
PHP = 7.2
NextCloud = 18.01

The only thing that NextCloud is stating is that I am “Accessing site insecurely via HTTP”.

I also set, under Privacy under settings, that he data was located in the United States.

Probably this issue: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/1841
Will be fixed in Calendar 2.0.2.