Timetable application for Nextcloud


A timetable app on the web and for Android and iOS

Target group:

Teachers and learners in educational institutions.


User interface to make a change to the timetable.

The following selection fields are available: Affected class, Affected day, Affected lesson, to which date (and day) the lesson would be moved, whether there is a teacher and/or a room change and whether there is a cancellation of the lesson.

Overview of a timetable. A lesson is marked in red to indicate a cancelled lesson and a lesson is marked in blue to indicate a substitute lesson.

Below the subject there is a black area where the teacher’s abbreviation and the room should be marked. In a possible timetable this would of course not be blacked out.

The designs were created by a friend of mine 2-3 years ago while brainstorming with Figma


The Tables app may be helpful for this. It’s still relatively new and evolving, but came to mind when I saw your post: