Timeshift system restore deletes chats - where are they stored?

Hi - Although I exclude the whole of /var/www/nextcloud from my Timeshift system backup I find that the Talk messages back to the date of the backup have gone if I restore that backup. Example was very recent and luckily I only lost about 18 hours of Talk (spreed) messages and it only affected 2 users. Nothing serious, but obviously something I need to fix so it doesn’t happen again. Had a good look but can’t figure out where the ‘actual chat’ is stored. So can anyone tell me?

Took the liberty of removing most of the tech info requirements below as everything is actually working well. I and my family/friends users love it in fact!

Nextcloud version (eg, 24.0.1): 27.1.5
Talk Server version (eg, 14.0.2): 17.1.4
Operating system (eg, Windows/Ubuntu/…): Ubuntu 22.04

Custom Signaling server configured: don't know, probably not then
Custom TURN server configured: don't know, probably not then
Custom STUN server configured: don't know, probably not then

In the database in the comments table.

Ah! One of those answers that seems so obvious once you are told - many thanks. My path for MariaDB is the default of /var/lib/mysql/nextcloud so if I add that to my exclude list in Timeshift that should be the ticket. Help is very much appreciated.

I should have thought to ask about the media within the chats as well… can you confirm where that lives too? I could research that I’m sure but it would be nice to be 100% on this as the Talk app looks like it will be one of the most used on my little instance of NC