Time Tracker app

As I write, Time Tracker is the most recently updated app but I can’t find what this exactly does. There are no links in the app page, and I couldn’t find the repo for this app, so I don’t know what is Time Tracker for.


I noticed this as well. It seems the company behind this app is mtier.org and you can only contact them via linkedin or Twitter:

If you contact them, could you let us know here, what their response was?

I tried, but the web form is disabled, and I can’t reach them on Linkedin. So I keep wondering…

Have you tried to write them an email (info@mtier.org)?

Hello everyone,

I tweeted them and the response was:

Hi, we will add in the next release the missing details but you can open a bug report here:


Good to know. Thank you!

After installing the time tracker app, you will find a gear wheel on the top menu - in line with the nextcloud logo. Click on it, activate it and you will find in the left side colum a menu for time tracker only. Enjoy. Best regards from Leipzig Germany

Needs screenshots, otherwise why would anyone install some unknown thing based on a two-word description?