THX for your wonderful work

As i startet my work in our non-profit association, one of my tasks are computer maintenance side by side with the admin. A while later i took over the admin job, an decided to change the system. On site i found in my first tasks a Mail-Excange-Server and a single Data-Server. Over the ethernet are 5 desktop pcs and 2 printer were connected.
My dream at this time would be a Linux-Seup with unclusion of a cloud space.
But nobody in local computerservices had have enough eggs in the pants to stand for a solution like that. In the meanwhile I have been elected as chairman of our organisation and would be driven to desicion. So, my overall goal was a intranet workspace with web extension to work also from different spaces outside our buro. And because of the money apple at that time would be excluded, an i have to goin on with Microsoft 365. An absolutely love-hate connection, specialy at this time, when microsoft begans to overcome the users with tons of changing feature.
For example, i for myself using owncloud for all my works. Also in my organisation, because Azur or however you name the cloud stuff on microsoft, lags. My privat cloud runs smoth as a local drive.
And now you, with hub 3. A dream is coming true.
So, if your system runs like you promote, the next step for me an my organisation woud be a change to Linux with Nextcloud on topp.
Thanks for your help to leaving Microsoft.