Thx Cloud totally crashed after update to 8.03

Really, 8.02 test… No way… I’m not a raging people but since v7 I encounter problem with each update. Since this last update to 8.02 that totally crashed my cloud. The cause. Administration panel that dont give a real description of the encountered problem and cause a bad manipulation…

No I’m really in a wrong side of me… Hours, days, weeks, months of maintenance, works, … to got at the final VM down … No way…

I’m really happy with nextcloud for years but guys, now you’re going on the wrong lane…

Hi @Irwin, if you know where your user data are stored, you can find a nextcloud.log file inside this repertory. It contains all logs of Nextcloud.

Hi, I know where all my data are stored, I know this log but my probem and the problem for most people here’s not that… The problem is since it’s a pain to be sure to not have a lot of problems after an update… And if you want to get the green V in your panel administration, since the 7.x be ready to work full time after your work hours. 1st if the release is good and stable sry but error in the panel is a problem, in the last version all is green and good A+. Update to a lot opf error I never seen… Hours of work… Solved… A+ and green … And now update to 8.02 bingoooo same things… No explaination no help. So sorry but a stable version is a stable versio. Not a partially stable version with bug without any explanation on solving. If my instance in the old versio are not A+ with error, OK it’s my fault, but it’s not the case… No log error, A+, green light all the way, multiple users without any problems… And now … Sry I’m very bored and angry… No more update for me…

What are you referring to? I don’t recognize this version string. What software are you speaking of?

I assume about 28.0.2 and he obviously just wants to blow off some steam and isn’t really here to solve any issues, because the fact that he has to solve issues is what annoys him in the first place :wink:

However, he’s not completely wrong imho. Nextcloud 28, even with 28.0.2, should be considered beta at best and and definetly shouldn’t have been released as “stable”.

@Irwin This discussion has already been held here a million times and Nextcloud is not likely going to change their release strategy in the forsseable future. So my recommendation is to always use the second latest version of Nextcloud, If you want to avoid as many issues as possible.

That beeing said, a self-hosted Nextcloud instance will never be completely maintenance free. If you’re looking for a “set up and forget it” solution, it’s probably best not to host Nextcloud yourself, but to use a managed instance with one of the many providers.

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You don’t need to pass all checks in the admin settings, most have basically no real consequences. Just check for ones related to security, but you don’t need to panic, just because your config lacks a default phone number country code prefix or some check like that. It is just not a big deal.

His post is comically bad.

“So mad. Can’t speak. In complete sentences. Just fragments. Version 8. Of ownCloud.”