Thunderbird notifications cannot be closed

Hi all,

it is several weeks now that I cannot close reminders in Thunderbird anymore. Or to be precise, I cannot close the ones that are for the-whole-day birthday appointments. Reminders for “normal” appointments can be closed.

So it seems to be related to the contact_birthdays calendar.

As I have not touched the Thunderbird settings in a long time (years since I added the Nextcloud calendar accounts) I am not sure if this is a bug in Thunderbird oder a bug in Nextcloud.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
Any ideas where to debugging?

(I checked the server logs but found nothing related…)

Kind Regards,

Did you check Thunderbird logs?

You can also check their bug tracker, lightning addon bug tracker and calendar github issues, contact github issues. Plus any other addons you use between Thunderbird and nextcloud.