Thunderbird 60 problems with Address and Calendar Sync

For all Users with Thunderbird 60 problems with Address and Calendar Sync.
You need

-> about:config
----> network.cookie.same-site.enabled = true —> false

Than works all sync…


And I was scratching my head why this wasn’t working on my new work Laptop :wink: Thanks a lot!

Jep, same here. Both, Nextcloud and thunderbird devs are already aware of out and trying to find a solution. I hope it will find it’s way already into NC14 and/or next thunderbird/lightning release.

There is also this new TBsync plugin that does it much more conveniently (multi calendar and also CardDAV) and doesn’t seem to need this fix (Edit: as pointed out below it does also). Just make sure you use the latest betas as I figured out here:

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Edit: Whoops, thought you write “more efficiently” but you actually wrote “more conveniently” :laughing:. Removed my then obsolete text.

Since it is just a wrapper, it should suffer the same issue:

will add the found calendars to lightning and let lightning handle the sync

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