This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.4. You are currently running 8.2.7

i was downloading NextCloud on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB when i came acrose this error when trying to open loaclhost web site:
This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.4.
You are currently running 8.2.7.
Because i am noob at this and i just to get it up and running can any body help me because i dont know how to :grin:

hey @Luka_Cubrilovic and welcome to the communityforum of NC.

Well an easy solution could be: download a newer (if not the newest) version of NC. Because at least the 2 latest versions should handle PHP 8.0+ without any problems.

That’s no problem… there are tools that would help you finding the right version for you… like we have

Good luck!

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Hello @JimmyKater
as i said i dont know what i am doing so i would need some help like is there some command that i can type so it could update the NextCloud?
I found one command that i think could help me nc-update-nextcloud

OK old boy,

that’s why I suggested using AiO or NCP. Those tools make it easier for Rookies to get nextcloud installed.
Especially AiO comes with a very detailed installation help… try taking a look there ( I provided the like above).

All you need to do is: installing an Operating System (OS) to your Raspi. The manual recommends using Ubuntu 22.04 - How to do that with your Raspi? Ask the internet. I’m sure there are several answers.
Everything that comes afterwards is covered by the installation-help of AiO.

Forget everything else. Since the command you found wouldn’t help you with updating php. And it could turn out being a real hazzle updating php.

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Uh… if installing it is too much, how do you expect to configure or secure it? We don’t need you becoming a spambot or joining a DDoS attack.

I’m trying not to be rude, but we don’t know how you installed the old Nextcloud version on your mystery OS, so we can’t tell you how to install the newer version. You’ve literally given us nothing to go on.