This Nextcloud instance is currently in maintenance mode (Nextcloud Box)


I have a Nextcloud Box, RPi2 that was working but is now inaccessible via browser (local or domain).
It shows the message, ‘Nextcloud instance is currently in maintenance mode, this may take a while…’

It has been like this for days now.

The android app also doesn’t show anything in un-cashed folders

I have noted that there is an update to Nextcloud 11 but I have not attempted this yet.
Edit, found this:

So I guess I shouldn’t try yet either?

I have accessed via ssh and updated ubunto

Any ideas please?



The question is if you are using the snaps or not.

What you can try is to disable the maintenance mode in your config/config.php. In case your update wasn’t complete or unsuccessful it will go back into maintenance mode. Check your logfiles for errors.

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Thanks tflidd,
I am pretty sure the Box is snaps
I will look into disabling maintenance mode.
I’m not sure why this happened as I did not try to update nextcloud.
I don’t know how to access logfiles as I cant access my account via browser.

If you update, you should do this via snappy-tool (where are no updates for NC 11 yet). And you shouldn’t run the updater app (which is hopefully disabled by default).

For snappy, there is some documentation on the github-wiki-page:

I added
'maintenance' => false
to my config.php file (there was no maintenance entry)and now the message in the browser has changed to:

‘Nextcloud will be updated to version 10.0.2…’ etc

And there is a big ‘Start Update’ button.

What I don’t understand is how this update has started as I did not initiate it.

Is it because the automatic updater was not disabled by default?
If it is, how do I disable it?

I don’t want to update if the snap should not be updated

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But perhaps you updated snap as well (not sure if this is triggered by the apt-get update/upgrade as well). Update to 10.0.2 should be ok, NC 11 is to be expected in some time. Not sure what you were running before, but if you were on NC 10.0.1, you should do the update. You can run it from your terminal with:
sudo nextcloud.occ upgrade

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You can run it from your terminal with:
sudo nextcloud.occ upgrade


That did the trick - all working again

Thanks everyone for the advice on this page. I was able to fix my backup issue. Fixing the permissions on the directory fixed it for me also. :slight_smile: