This is embarassing - we cannot connect to your document (Does not open Document)

I lately installed Collabora using the lastest docker image, the proxy and the Instructions on nextcloud’s website. When clicking on a document it opens the Collabora Window with the toolbar on top, but it fails to connect and displays the “Well, this is embarrassing” error message.

Shortly after I restardet the docker Container and opened the document again, instead of the above I get the message I attached as a screenshot below.
This screen only appears the first time I open a document, so I don’t know if it’s related to the error or if Collabora just isn’t ready. When reloading, I get the first error.

I hope somebody could help me here, if you need any more information or logfiles etc, let me know.

Greetings, Getriebesand

Seems like you have an issue with apache/nginx doing the reverse proxy to the container.
Is your reverse proxy domain enabled?

Yes, I started the reverse Proxy for my domain using a2ensite. There is no other config for that domain.

The basic info would be:

  • OS?
  • Kernel?
  • aufs enabled ( grep aufs /proc/filesystems ) ?
  • Web server?
  • Up2date docker ( docker pull collabora/code ) ?
  • Using SSL on both ends?
  • did you domain backslash ( cloud\.domain\.com ) ?

My OS is debian 8, Kernel: 3.16.0-4-amd64
Web server: Apache2, I used the latest docker image. I only access my cloud via ssl, and I used the standard reverse Proxy and certbot to put a SSL Certificate on my office-domain, so I use SSL on both ends?
I used the double backslash when starting the docker image.
“grep aufs /proc/filesystems” prints out: "nodev aufs"
I did not read anything about grep in the installation tutorial tough…

  1. A host that can run a Docker container

Docker uses aufs as default filesystem. aufs works mostly on standard ubuntu 16.04 installations.
So far i’ve seen that debian has issues with it. most of the times is better for debian users to change to devicemapper.

Did you enable your proxy domain?

It lookslike apache is not responding.

Yes, the apache config for my office domain was enabled.
Do I have to switch to Ubunu server now, or is there an easier way to solve this problem? I have never used devicemapper or enabled aufs, so I would need some more information on that…

If you can try the VM Collabora script.

You might find other options to a Debian server.
Sorry this is such a broad issue that now I suggest the script or one on one support.

I will try removing my whole docker collabora setup and the apache config and run the script in a few hours. Thank you for your help so far!

Great, please check the script will meet your setup.
Since it’s part of a main installer.
Good luck

After running the script (I did nothing else to any docker or apache2 configs) the same error occurs.
While running the script, the following errors were displayed:

W: Fehlschlag beim Holen von HttpError404

E: Einige Indexdateien konnten nicht heruntergeladen werden. Sie wurden ignoriet oder alte an ihrer Stelle benutzt.
(Error when downloading from … Some Indexfiles could not be downloaded. They were ignored or previous versions were used)

There might be another error message I might have overseen though… at the end the script returned a “successfully installed” anyway.
Do you think trying to purge the whole server and reinstall everything on ubuntu could solve the problem? It would be possible for me since not really many people are using my nextcloud so far.

The main installer on the VM is developed for Ubuntu Server 16.04
If you can take the opportunity, why not try it?

Please note, is the server edition, not the desktop one.

Oh, I did not know there were VMs with higher capacities than 30 GB… so I can just run the VM and see if it would work?

They can be as big as your storage solution can handle.
So, yeah. Run the script on a VM/VPS running *buntu server 16.04 and it will be good to go.
Configure ports on your router beforehand or VPS (if necessary)


Hi guys.

I´m experiencing the same issue using ubuntu 16, nextcloud 11.0.2 and collabora 1.1.25.

I have NextCloud running at: and collabora at:

I´m running collabora in a docker ( and i do a proxy with apache2.

Everything seems to be ok, but when i try to open an .odt file i receive the message:

“Well, this is embarrassing, we cannot connect to your document. Please try again.”

I looked at other topics and can´t find the solution. If you could help-me i appreciate.


Check for your docker to be well configured most of the time the storage driver is not well configured.
By default docker uses aufs, which comes at the “extra” kernel.


Hi, I finally found some time to set up an Ubuntu 16.04 Server VM, I installed Nextcloud and ran the Collabora Script, and it works :slight_smile:
I am now just going to run my nextcloud on the VM which is hosted by the debian server.

Thank you very much for your help!
Cheers Getriebesand

Glad to hear :slight_smile: