This installation is more of a challenge

After the configuration, I will not use it anyway. The security of this is considered to be zero. ZERO.

Almost 12 hours of hard searching, I have completed the installation wizard and configuration using official nextcloud sources.

I currently have a login window that asks for a login and password for my cloud.
But I didn’t set up any account, password reset doesn’t help either :slight_smile:

Give me that password, at least I want to see the admin panel before I delete it.
I’m a new OpenSource services hater. Not my fault.

no infos - no help, I’m afraid. I have a feeling, though, that you used nextcloudpi for your installation. right?

sure enough, some specialist who can’t setup their own instance correctly is telling the world about security issues of a professional software based on security hardening. I consider this being really funny - thanks for cracking me up.

we don’t have it, I’m afraid. Only YOU have it (maybe you didn’t note it down)

well… I think it’s too easy trying to transfer responsibility to someone else. I daresay everything that happened to you trying to install NC is your own fault, noone else involved