This forum is EXTREMELY slow

I just checked on SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs), it should be ok. @Oceanwatcher can you try again?

Still slow. I doubt it has anything to do with IPv6 as I do not use it at all here (turned off in pfSense). And it has been like this for quite some time. It is the reason why I do not use the forum too much.

What else could be wrong?

the forum software they use (Discourse) needs lots of power, it’s extremely resource intensive, maybe the servers are not powerful enough?

No problems here

I suspect that might be one of the main reasons. They use too much resources, and then their speed is slowed down.

See also:

My guess is that something is not configured correct. Or the forum software hits the server limits. You could always ask the server hosts for a 24h period with no limits at all and logg everything.

It could also be that you are getting hit by bots. I saw one solution for search bots for websites that included using robots.txt to include a page that does not exist and deny it. If anyone hits that page, they are immediately banned.

Good for you. And not interesting. We all know that there are thousands out there that do not experience any problems.
The questions is who experience problems. Where are they, when is it etc.

Then it would be slow for everybody. Sounds like that more like a network issue, perhaps some peering is saturated…

The big question is if it actually is slow for everybody. We do not know if it is just pure luck that some people get access when the server load is low. For me, right now, it took close to two minutes just to reload this page so I could see your comment.

And this really hurts the NextCloud community. This should be the best resource for help…

As far as I can tell, this forum is hosted by Hetzner. So is my webhosting server. The difference is that the forum is hosted in Finland, while my webserver is in Germany. The lines from Finland to the world should be pretty good, but I can not see that anyone else than the tech people from Hetzner can solve this.

For me it was slow because of the ipv6 issues. Now it is fast again.

Where in the world are you?

France/Germany with different providers.

What is strange that your host at hetzner has no problems (unless the traffic is routed differently…). Or there is a higher load on the times when you access it? You wrote a post 30 minutes ago, now it’s fast as well for me. Perhaps in the evening (Europe, for the Americas the afternoon), there is a higher load?

Hi, I’m from Tunisia :tunisia:, in North Africa.
Since last year when I registered in the forum, I noticed it was very slow. Opening any page takes more than a minute sometimes it does not show at all after several minutes. I ended up avoiding the forum :cry:.
I don’t think that we have high end network here, there is no ip6 here :weary:.
I’m a yunohost user, it’s forum also uses disourse, it’s fast.

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I checked the ping for my site and for the forum. The pings are comparable - a little over 200 ms from America (Brazil is part of America :laughing: ).

Maybe an even better example is to use one of my sites that is not using a CDN

I will do some tests and try to figure out a little more.

for me in Germany it is right now very fast and loads instantly. but quite often loading takes ages and then I am leaving the forum to visit a different site in the meantime before visiting the forum

I did a performans test (dev tool) in Firefox. Total load: 118 seconds. That is a bit long.

The fact that even people in Germany experience the slow load means we can totally disregard different areas of the world as a reason. It is definitely inside the hosting center or their infrastructure.

Time to call support or look at a new server/center.

@blizzz Please see this thread. Thanks.

try it over VPN?

I have no issues at all with site speed, it loads fast for me from The US