Thinking of writing an updated Nextcloud/Collabora install tutorial

I am thinking of writing an updated installation guide for the use of nextcloud/collabora on a single host machine, Ubuntu 16.04, utilizing dynamic IP addressing, domain name services, SSL cert generation, port forwarding, etc. This is aimed for the “Pro-sumer” crowd and not commercial. Mainly because of the use of dynamic IP addressing, and home users may not have the ability to get a static, reserved, or sticky IP address for their gateway. As such in my case. Which led to two days of me working on this install to finally have a 100% working install of both nextcloud/collabora globally accessible with a dynamic IP, and SSL secure.

Mainly my question is, is there a need for this, or would I be wasting my time?


I’d really like to see this! If you’ve got the time, do it. Other people will surely appreciate it.

Alright, I should be able to get one written up this week. Just depends on how long it will take me to write a paper for school on quantum computing. Otherwise it may be the following week.

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Well here is the guide. Hope it’s easy enough to follow. It’s a bit long, but it’s the steps I used to get everything working correctly.

Start to Finish Nextcloud+Collabora Step-by-Step Guide

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Very nice! I got my installation working in the meantime (NC 11.02, Ubuntu 16.04), but this will be very helpful to a lot of people.

well if you decide you want to use collabora office also, just pick, you can use that part of the guide.