There were problems with the code integrity check

Hello everybody,

I’m new to nextcloud.
Installed Nextcloud 10.0.0 on my server. Worked without problems.
Adminpanel told me “There were problems with the code integrity check…” so I read the documentation for this issue, but didn’t get it.
I uploaded config.php and version.php in binary mode, nothing changed…

The list of the files told me:


  • core
      • core/doc/admin/_sources/configuration_files/collaborative_documents_configuration.txt
      • core/doc/admin/_static/img/note_pencil.svg
      • core/doc/admin/_static/style.css
      • core/fonts/LICENSE.txt
      • core/vendor/jsTimezoneDetect/jstz.js
      • core/doc/user/_static/img/warning.svg
  • files_external
      • 3rdparty/Dropbox/API.php
  • files_texteditor
      • js/vendor/ace/src-noconflict/mode-diff.js

You can see different files with INVALID HASH…
What can I do to get rid of that warning message?

Hope for some help to newbe :slight_smile:

Best regards


Can you try with Filezilla ( Code-Signing and individual deployment), it seems to have worked with other users.