There is no version 24 changelog

The changelog link,, doesn’t point to any actual information related to version 24.

Someone forgot to add the release notes for v24, they seem to be nowhere to be found.


I searched for the same information. Currently the only place seems to be a blog-article. Maybe that helps you for the moment?

I saw the article, it is just promotion. No hint of what changes or fixes there may be from previous versions.


The release is not out yet in the repositories.
Right now, the rc3 is out.

About one week ago they announced a 2 weeks delay, so I guess we have to wait another week or so.

Interesting, the docker image is there:

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I am watching and waiting for 24.0.1 as we know these tend to take some time to shake-out from past experiences.

But there are no release notes for 24 rc3 either.

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Missing Changelogs has been a constant thing over the years. We just have to keep requesting them.

Release for 24 appeared on Github an hour ago. Change list to it is:

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