There is any way/hack to achieve delta sync to a nextcloud server

I don’t really know where to place this, please move it to a proper category if it exists.

I see that the native nextcloud client and NC server don’t support delta-sync, which is useful for situations where there are big files that change a little fraction of their content.

There is any hack to achieve that? If I mount the a NC folder in a linux system with davfs2 and I make small changes to the file, would this changes propagate as they are like in a normal filesystem or would the whole file be sent through the network?

If not, could I use owncloud client? (Seems like they support delta sync).

If not, there is any other way?

This would be for a single client, a headless server connected through 4G, so it doesn’t need to be scalable, powerful or CPU efficient. It simply has to do the job saving data.

Thanks for your time!

owncloud pushed it a bit and tried to include it, but the pull request was not merged:

For Nextcloud there are a few references on the bug tracker:

For a workaround, you could use syncthing to sync all the clients together, run syncthing also on your server, then use this local folder and include it in Nextcloud (if you need access via web interface).