There are no sound and notifications between web clients

I installed Nextclode 19 and I have a question about its component Nextclode talk. When calling between web clients, there is no ringback tone for outgoing calls and call sound for incoming party.
Also, the same are with incoming text messages. Neither sound nor notifications for incoming messages. As a result it complicates to notice calls and messages when you are out of the conversation room. Is it normal behavior or it can be configured?

Have you checked that a sound can be played on the used computers in a web browser and that the output is not assigned to a headset? In Firefox you e.g. need to allow a website to access the microphone and loudspeaker before it can be used by an application like Nextcloud talk. You will usually see a small popup window with the microphone and loudspeaker controls as an overlay of the browser.

Yes, of cource, my sound devices work. May be I was expressed a little incorrectly. I can speak and hear called party when connection is established. My question was about absence of ringback tone (beeps sound) when I do outgoing call before called party answers. And there is no ring for a called side, only text notification.

hi Serp,

I am facing same problem. Its worked on same Lan but over public network its not working on my case. If I configured the Turnserver but same issue. Loading issue, no call established. Is there any issue at NC 19 version ?

Hi, m.han. In my case, I have not noticed issue with connection to be established. I’ve tested it with web clients and mobile apps - everythitng worked properly with default settings. My issue is only with absence of ringback tone for outgoing and ring sound for incoming calls.

Browsers don’t currently allow autoplaying sounds. Until this is solved in the browsers (beware of advertisments playing unwanted sounds) there is nothing we can do about this.

Thanks for your reply, you’ve made it clear.

I don’t understand your answer. A lot of websites has notifications that connect to the computer notification system. FB does it, how can we use the same system? Also when someone sends me a message in Messenger I hear a bell. I would like the same thing with Talk!

hey there

the question is… how are other pages doing this?
RocketChat for example… or these chat-plugins on websites.

this needs to be possible when rocketchat is doing it.

Most common browsers allow playing sounds after first interaction with the website. Another way would be to start chrome with flags to allow autoplay.

I’m doing it with a injected javascript while starting chrome with flags. A bit hacky but working… (At the moment it’s ringing on every outputdevice and only stops when I enter the call or the call ended, no chance to mute single devices at the moment)

Would be really nice, if this feature would have been included in talk and could be used starting the browser with the needed flags.