The social app is not working correctly

We have installed the Social app on our Nextcloud instance. You can post messages and also see the messages yourself. The only thing that doesn’t work is the profile tab where the profile should be displayed. There’s just a loading icon here.
What could be the reason?
Thank you very much in advance for the help,



unfortunately you did not provide any information about your setup.

On my NC v28.0.1 I use social app v.0.6.1 and can confirm your issue.

See Issues · nextcloud/social · GitHub

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Oh yes, I forgot to write that.
We also use NC 28.0.1 and app version 0.6.1.
The error has already occurred in Github, but the error is already marked as solved there.

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Are you referring to Unable to open Profile · Issue #1701 · nextcloud/social · GitHub ?

If so please open a new issue as original issue was related to different NC and app versions.

Social app would need more care every time NC release a new version as often it breaks with update.
Without talking about long waiting feature from the Milestones, would it be possible for NC to polish a social app for each release?
Will it work with NC 29?

From their GitHub page:

The app is in beta stage, so it’s time for you to get involved! :woman_technologist:

from decembre 2018…

and as far as I know, opening issue to let know dev it isn’t working is being involved.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to tell us. Yes, it was announced in December 2018 and it’s still in beta in 2024, and they’re obviously looking for contributors, so if you and others want to speed things up, someone probably needs to step in and help them…

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Wish you all the best bb77 and long live nextcloud! Everything is happy, smooth and fun. Promise, because I’m busy to do other things devs can’t do (and I don’t ask them to do them) and thus I’m not a dev so I can’t do it myself, I won’t ask again for social to be “just” working for each release.
Promise, I shut up here, you won… again, like many people like you on open source project. Good by.

I didn’t say everything is smooth and fun, and I didn’t tell you to shut up. I just pointed you to the repo where it says they are looking for contributors.

And by the way. If you look at the release history of the app here, there has been a compatible release for almost every Nextcloud version since the app was released. Maybe it was not always compatible on day one, and maybe there are bugs in certain versions, but based on the history it seems likely that it will eventually be compatible with 29. However, only the maintainers of the app can tell you for sure, which is another reason why I pointed you to the repo.

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exactly right, @Thatoo - many ppl like YOU on OSS… Paying nothing, having demands and getting rude if someone reminds them to become a part of the solution, not being a part of the problem.

And that’s were you are both completely unfair.
I do things and we all do!
Second of all I haven’t been rude at all.
I said : “would it be possible for NC to polish a social app for each release?”
I don’t see where “would” is being rude!!!

And when I said that “I will shut up”, is because I felt despised, and again now with your words, but as you feel you are in your right, you don’t care how others feel when they are told they don’t do anything (in other words, they are useless).
Would you mind hearing we are not useless and we do things also.

Best regards,

Yes, and that’s fine, but instead of simply taking my link as an attempt to provide you with some clues to your question, and perhaps putting 1 and 1 together by yourself, or asking me to elaborate on my answer, you had to insist by replying with a link to a press release from six years ago, which could easily be interpreted as: “You have officially announced it, now you have to make it work, and I expect regular updates to make it compatible with the latest NC version”.

And yes, in an ideal world that would be the case, and that was certainly the intention of the developers when they started developing the app. But they probably also expected more volunteers to help, and were probably volunteers themselves.

And by the way, this is a community forum and the members here, including the mods and myself, are volunteers as well who are in no way affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH. So if you’re looking for an official statement about some press release, please contact the company directly, as we can’t provide any official answers here.

Or, and this is what I would do, you can post your requests to the Issue tracker on GitHub, but of course there’s no guarantee they’ll be implemented.

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Thank you for your numerous answers.
I think the problem is basically that the Nextcloud App Store shows for each new Nextcloud version that the app works, which it does not.
And yes - maybe the development is paused/stopped, but then a note about this would also be quite good.

If you look in the Github repository, you can see that there were code changes just two weeks ago.

That’s why I think you could also expect a statement from the developer as to why it doesn’t work, or whether it works for him.

Because I would certainly enjoy using the app - if it worked - and it would also have lots of great functions.

the text to the app clearly says: it’s in Beta status. (and it’s a major progression since the app left alpha-status).

Could you? Why? Why do they “owe” us a statement every time something changes.
I thought you know how to deal with software development in general. Beta usually means: development hopefully ended in major parts. But there could be some bugs, still. So a Beta-status is set to find the last bugs ahead of releasing a stable version.

And exactly that just happened. Someone found a but. As far as I could see it was filed at issuetracker - the way it should go.

And as everyone else can see: there are more bugs to get fixed. So I’m sure whenever those devs are not knowing what to do with their sparetime they are fully committed to develop this long.-awaited app further.

If this isn’t fast enough for you and your demands/purposes it’s up to you to help developping it. Either by offering your coding-help to devs or becoming another beta-tester or giving them extra money so that they could prioritize that project over others.

Regardless of what they do: they “owe” no statement at all.

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