"The server encountered an unknown error while parsing the [object command." When using the OpenAI integration from the smart picker on a text documenton Nextcloud 27.1.4 with the Nextcloud Office CODE server v23.5.503 on Firefox v120.0

I’m trying to use the ChatGPT/Whisper integration on my nextcloud docker v27.1.4 install with collaboara built in v23.5.503 but whenever I try to actually insert text from the integration, I get a popup from collabora saying

“The server encountered an unknown error while parsing the [object command.”

And nothing ends up getting added. What can I do to make it so that this doesn’t happen?

What’s the full entry from your Nextcloud log?

Or possibly your Collabora server log.

I’m using the built in CODE server. I just now looked at the Nextcloud logs, and there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual logged.

Maybe this?

If so, it’s specific to the built-in CODE.

So it will work if I just set up a regular version of collabora?