The problem is not synchronized with the dll files.

Hi, I have a request in Nextcloud not to sync files with dll extension. v The profile in the web browser is normally visible, but the PC synchronization is not performed or performed, but it is immediately deleted and reported: 404 Not Found (sebre \ DAV \ Exception \ notFound)

Same issue in our side.
Someone have a solution/idea?

Nextcloud server version 22.2.3

nextcloud-desktop Version: 3.1.1-2+deb11u1

Best regards


I search for this pb because I have the same issue.
You have to go to Settings → Administration/Logging to see which extension cause problems
Then go to Administration/Security and add in Exclude extension patterns your extension (like .extension)

For me I’ve to add .dll
Exit settings and retry your sync
Normally it works !

Thanks (I’m french so sorry for my mistakes)