The PHP module "imagick" is not enabled although the theming app is


I’m using the imaginary setup on the VM, how do I make this error go away?

I cant disable theming on Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.2)

just disable theming app… (you might not need it)
or install imagick to your OS (there might arise some security risk by doing so)

For the current build of debian(12) on Orange Pi(3,4,5) you need to add libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra, which is included in the standard repositories. To solve your specific case, you need to talk about the environment in which nextcloud is running. Because exactly in the software environment you use, what you need may be called differently.

You can’t disable the theming app in NC 29

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What do you mean by the “the imaginary setup”?

Imaginary is a tool used *with" Nextcloud Server but not a deployment method itself for Nextcloud.

In any case, sounds like you’re environment is missing some recommended PHP extensions. It’s all described in the documentation: PHP Modules & Configuration — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

There also may be docs specific to whatever deployment method you used.

Maybe you can install the package php-imagick.

You have two options:

  1. ignore the message (This is currently the only option for users of the Snap package, since imagick apparently cannot be installed there).

  2. If you’re not usng the Snap, install the imagick package and the php-imagick module, as others have suggested.

And yes, a better handling of these warnings is something many would like to see, I for one would like to see a possibility to acknowledge them somehow so that they don’t show up in the main overview anymore, and the same would be nice to have for errors in the log, but unfortunately there is nothing like that planned, at least for the near future.

So until such a feature is implemented, there will be situations where you have no choice but to ignore certain warnings, as in your case, where you deliberately choose to use a configuration different from what the check is expecting, or as I already mentioned, with the Snap, or with certain hosting providers that don’t offer all the features Nextcloud is excpecting etc…

Ah understood. I thought they were interchangeable.

So is there any way to hide the “warning”? I don’t want to install Imagick

I think not. Warnings are there to indicate that, for example, certain requirements for applications have not been met. And that is the case. You can simply ignore the warning. I think if you want to get rid of the warning because that might be your goal, you either have to do without the app or install the package.

I also have Nextcloud installations with warnings. For example, I use SQLite in some installations and it says that SQLite should not be used. But I don’t care because I know what I’m doing.

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Understood. Thanks for the info.

Looks like I need to install it regardless since I want to use the Memories app.

Just for reference, this is what I found when browsing the VM codebase on GitHub:

SCRIPT_NAME="Imaginary Docker"
SCRIPT_EXPLAINER="This script will install Imaginary which is a replacement for the less secure Imagick.
It can speedup the loading of previews in Nextcloud a lot."

This description was what prompted me to make this thread. It sounded like this was a drop-in replacement.

I don’t use the app. But there are of course apps that may be able to manage without these packages in parts. You just have to try out whether you are happy with the range of functions and can live with the warning. But the dependencies and warnings are usually not without reason.