The order of the previous picture and the next picture is incorrect

Nextcloud 23.0.0
The Nextcloud in my Server and in the demo ( have the same problem.

The pictures are sorted in reverse order according to the modified date:

I click one picture to preview,

When I click the right button, it should display picture 4, but in fact it display picture 5.

Why the left and right buttons do not achieve the expected effect?

I have the same problem. Did you maybe find a solution?

I think this is a coincidence. On my server they appear in alphabetical order, based on their file names.

Yes, this is also my experience. Clicking “next” will take you to the photo that is next alphabetically, even when you have sorted the pictures on “modified”. Has this always been the case? And did I never notice before?

Afaik, yes. But I’m not a 100% sure because most of my photos have the date and the time in their file names like this… IMG_20200226_095812, IMG_20200226_095822.jpg, IMG_20200227_172405 etc…

Ah ok.

(Btw, if you go to the “photos” interface (app) and you navigate to the same folder, click a photo, and then click “next”, you do get the next photo on the basis of “sort modified”.)