The nextcloud client have no connection when End-to-End Encryption is enabled


my 2 openSUSE client Version 2.5.1git simply stop synchronizing (the icon is grey) but on the same machine, caldav works perfectly via Thunderbird.

I remove the config (.config/nextcloud), reauth my account without success

It seams I don’t have log on the client side

On the server it seams it don’t have logs too

I don’t have cli access to the server

my IP is whitelisted and client on my smartphone works which use the same Internet connection (IP) I mention the IP because I saw many post on the forum where the issue of a “no connection to nextcloud” was related to

I got it works by disabling End-to-End Encryption plugins which surprise me because it is an official plugins.

So what I could go, where I could look to debug this issue ?

Thanks you