The new "search" in nextcloud 20, a change for worse

I just updated my nextcloud instance and faced immediate backlash due to the new “search”. The old one wasn’t good at all, but the new one is definitely a step in the wrong direction. If i’m already in a folder, results from this folder should be top priority, period. Unfortunately they are not. Also the new one slows down your workflow in extreme.
Just one example: There is a folder with 2k files in it. The user is looking for a specific file within the folder. Except the fact it is so much harder to find it with the new search, if he does, nextcloud loads all 2k files and than jumps to the one you are looking for. Compared to the old web interface this takes up to ten times longer. Doesn’t sound like progress, does it?

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Two suggestions:

  1. In my opinion this kind of confrontational tone will not help a lot to find a solution… Just my 2 cents…
  2. you find some issues about this in Github, maybe you can contribute to them giving some feedback:

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Hello community,

despite the discussion about formulating requests, basically I was also “surprised” by the new search result dialog. It is small, hard to navigate, and if I want to further narrow down the search results, I cannot do it. Ok, the previous solution did not support further narrowing from the tool, but at least via the browser. This option is gone now.

I would really love to have a dedicated search app, starting the search as G-Drive oder Sharepoint does, but with the ability to further optimise the search, e.g. by document type, folder, age, size, uploader / contributor, …

Unfortunately my PHP knowledge is very poor (did it last time 20 years ago). So hopefully someone from the devs or the community picks it up. I would be a kind tester for this :slight_smile:

Hello @Bjoern_Wuest ,

welcome to the community of Nextcloud.

Please add your comments/ ideas to listed issues from @Spartachetto or file a new one at GitHub.