The Mail app has disappeared?


Since yesterday, the official Mail app is not available in “App” > “Social & communication” (and I looked everywhere else).

Any idea ?

This is a fresh install ( 20.0.6)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m on 20.0.5 and Nextcloud Settings tell me that the mail app doesn’t have an installation candidate for 20.0.6(7).

That’s normal. Such thing happens with nearly every update. There are several posts about that in the German forum, and one recommendation there is to use featured apps only. With the other apps one never knows if they will be updated at all or at least on time. It’s like plugins in Wordpress. There as well, I found it is best to install as few as possible as most of them will be abandoned anyway.

(But often the deactivated apps continue to work if you restore them from backup)

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The Mail app is one of the most popular Nextcloud apps, and is featured.

Same here, the Mail App is not showing in the Apps list despite being ‘featured’ and present in the official app store. Seems to be a problem which is specific for the Mail App as pretty much all other Apps are available…

I had this problem too. Nextcloud 20.0.7 fixes it.


Problem solved with last Nextcloud version!
Thanks everyone.