The links in the mail-report send from activity-app point to localhost instead of the correct domain

I had seen that this topic has been discussed here before, but it was a long time ago.

When I get a mail-report from the activity app all listed activities are shown as a link.
These links always point to localhost in my Nextcloud.

They do not seem to be configured properly.

How can I solve this.

My installation is not self-hosted.
Cough, By the way, I can’t find the config.php on the server either.
I hosted at owncube

I have installed Nextcloud 18.0.3
All apps are up to date

Thanks for your help.

Cheers Frank

Isn’t there anybody here who can give me a clue to solve this?

Could you explain on the issue a bit more? How did you set up nextcloud? For starters, is it native or using a container image?

I can’t say for sure. It’s not self-hosted. I’ve chosen a Next Cloud Hoster. Owncube.

Actually, everything’s going quite well so far… except for this detail. I’m going to log in and check on sftp

In 2016 there was a post in the community on the topic (No/Wrong link in activity email). Can it be that this is still valid?

Did you try the solution?

Which location did you check?

The folder data/www/ contains the directory config with the config.php
but I don’t have a right to download there… as I can see

If you don’t have the permission to write to the file, then consider contacting your VPS provider at

Well, they told me I had a self-managed package. I can access the server via sftp or shh, but I can’t access the config?

But thanks for your concern.

The file isn’t world writable (or even readable). So you need to either log into the server as www-data or root or

If you can use ssh to access the server, then you shouldn’t have any problem accessing the file, unless you’ve forgotten your root credentials.

OK,… then I’ll try it again. Maybe it was me. Thanks, I’ll let you know. I won’t have the chance today

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