The latest app displays onlyoffice, file not found

The Onlyoffice document cannot be opened in iOS 16, and the message “File not found” is displayed. The document was not found on the server. The share may have been deleted or expired.

But, I was able to open Onlyoffice on the web and everything worked fine. This problem only occurs in iOS. I thought it was iOS 16, but when I went back to iOS 15, it was still the same.

And no matter on iOS 15 or the latest iOS16, when the app is in the background, it is always told: keep the app running for a better user experience.

Having exactly the same problem here, did not change anything in my setup, but might be related with one of the recent updates of the OnlyOffice app (for the Nextcloud server, not the OnlyOffice server) … Would be great to have this fixed …

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Opening OnlyOffice documents on iOS 15, NC 25.0.1, OnlyOffice latest app and server works well for us.

yes but it’s not OK with iOS 16.1 & 16.1.1.
Can you try with your nextcloud 25 ?

Yes you are right, it does not work with iOS 16.1.1

Hello, it seems that the issue is fixed in Nextcloud app version 4.5.7 ‎Nextcloud on the App Store. Please update the app and check if the issue is still reproducible.