The function of the lobby, how to let someone in


Just installed Nextcloud Talk to try it out. Works pretty good so far, but I’m a bit confused about the lobby function. In school we use Zoom a lot, and there’s a similar function there. When I activate it, the participants are put in the lobby, but I can’t find any way to let them in to the conversation. The only way is to disable it all together, but then everyone is let in. Not really useful. I can see the persons in the lobby, but the menus entries are just “make admin” and “disconnect user”.

If I let everyone in, and then activate lobby again everyone are sent to the lobby again. Have I missed something, or whats the function of the lobby if it’s functioning like this? Doesn’t really make any sense to me.

– Mike

You can currently only end the lobby and everyone joins

The activated lobby keeps everyone out except the moderators. What you can do as workaround: Let everyone in by deactivating the lobby, kick users you do not want to have and change the password, so no new guests can enter.

Seems like a odd way to handle it. If there is a start time set, I understand the function for it, but not otherwise. You should be able to let people in, or put the person in the lobby. How it works now doesn’t really make it very useful.

Well no one said it’s the end of the journey.
It’s just a “is” state description.

There are just too many feature requests to handle them all and make everything nice at the same time.

That’s true, the journey never stops :slight_smile:
Hope there will be a “real” lobby function coming later on, would be very useful if it works like in Zoom and others like that.

I agree with the other users. Maybe make it in the current state not optional to put in the time of the beginning. But @nickvergessen just wanted to state that I totally understand that it is a current state and that you guys are doing an awesome job. I love nextcloud :wink:

Hi Evryone. Thanks for all the job done for Nextcloud.

I understand that Lobby is not yet completly ok.
Is somebody know how to start a visio without ringing all people phones and enable who want come just joining the visio.

I have arround 20 in the group and all are not disponible. I don’t want to disturb them.

Thanks for your help.