The Apps menu phones home to

When I select the Apps menu, it takes a long time to show the available apps. I think the program is ‘phoning home’ to My Nextcloud is not on the internet. It’s a private network.

Where in the code does it try to contact to get the available apps?

Thank you


'has_internet_connection' => true,

Thank you. I added that variable to config.php.

The Apps menu is still very slow. When I select Apps from the pulldown menu, what code is running? I’d like to look at it and see why it is slow. I must have something configured wrong.

This option in config.php stops nextcloud from looking at the online app store.
Nextcloud is much faster now when I select the Apps menu.

‘appstoreenabled’ => true,

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Since my nextcloud is not connected to the internet, I set these values in config.php

‘has_internet_connection’ => false,
‘appstoreenabled’ => false,
‘updatechecker’ => false