Thanks for Nextcloud AIO Docker

I have been using Nextcloud for quite some time. My first installation was on a Centos 7 server (running in ESXI) . I updated my server changed to ProxMox and had Nextcloud running in an LXC, based in ubuntu, installed from scratch by reading the documentation.

That server was not running as expected (had some speed issues) so I changed to a full VM and started from scratch (again). Then I bumped into the Nextcloud AIO docker. So I created a new VM , to function as a " docker machine" and started AIO in that VM. From that moment on, Nextcloud has been running like a charm! I am sure I could have gotten there starting from scratch and installing the proper requirement, but Nextcloud AIO makes installation and maintenance a walk in the park!

So thank you team for creating Nextcloud AIO :slight_smile: