Text2image_stablediffusion does not work

I installed text2image_stablediffusion, together with the Nextcloud Assistant. text2image_stablediffusion is a AI modul, that should create images from a text.
Installation seemed fine. I can open the text2image_stablediffusion dialog via the Nextcloud Assistant, enter my describing text and start the image creation.
After some working time I just get a new notification saying that the job failed. Unfortunatelly I can’t find more information in the logs. One guess was, that maybe the modul does not have access to the intended output folder.
Somebody has experience with this modul?


I also have this problem. Could you check the Nextcloud log for messages according to text2image. You can find it in the adminstrative settings. I found log entries telling that there is a file missing.
This led me to an already present issue here: text2image_stablediffusion · Issue #6 · nextcloud/text2image_stablediffusion · GitHub

For me the whole subfolder /text_encoder in /nextcloud/apps/text2image_stablediffusion/src/../models/stable-diffusion-xl/ is missing.

However I do not know why this happens and there is no solution until now.

thank for letting me know. I will also subscribe to the github thread to get updates on a possible solution.