Text editor to use inside docker container

Hello, my config/config.php is broken. I have used the php occ command wrong and added a wrong config entry.

Is there a text editor like vi that I can use inside the docker container to modify the config manually?

Habe es inzwischen hinbekommen. Ich habe mich einfach als root attached und mit apt install nano nano nachinstalliert. Anschließend konnte ich die Konfigurationen wieder in Ordnung bringen.

Dennoch Danke.

I have managed it in the meantime. I simply attached as root and reinstalled with apt install nano nano. After that I was able to get the configurations back in order.

Nevertheless thanks.

hello @neuhier welcome to the forum :handshake:

glad to see you managed to resolve the issue yourself. In general it’s not a good idea to install/edit do something inside of the container… you should mount important things like configs from your host (to make them persistent). everything you change insdie of the container is lost after next pull … especially config.php must be persisted outside of the container. otherwise your installation will brake in the future.

Please review persistent-data chapter…

Hi @wwe , and thanks for the hints.

I have mounted the volume now to persist the data, and I’ve started WP via docker-compose.yml file.

I think it was because those were my first attempts at dealing with docker. :slight_smile:

Can someone help me to deal with the default phone region? I live in germany.

You just need to use occ to set it. Or you can (very carefully) set it in the config file by hand.

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile: