Text: document current vs. saved version

With the “text” app, sometimes I get the message:

The document has been changed outside of the editor. The changes cannot be applied.

I think I got it most recently by editing a Markdown file in the Notes app, then editing it again shortly after in the default Markdown text editor (I think that app is just called “text”).

I’m confused about the two buttons that show up at the bottom of the page during this conflicted state:

Use current version

Use the saved version

What are these two distinct versions?

The differences are also pretty hard to spot visually, except for a very small document. Is there some way to highlight the differences, or download both versions and compare them with other tools?

See also:

I think this can be resolved by disabling the markdown editor app.

I don’t have that app installed.

Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?

We are seeing this happen all the time with:
Nextcloud version: 25.0.5
Operating system and version: CentOS Stream 8
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.37
PHP version: REMI PHP 8.1.16

No. Just found another similar sounding one, too:

Anyone have a reliable workaround for this? I’ve been telling users “pick the one on the right, unless your browser crashed while you were editing”… not even sure if that’s a good rule of thumb though.

It is, if I understand the linked GitHub thread correctly. Or let’s put it this way: If you press the button on the right the same thing happens that used to happen before this prompt was implemented, and that’s what you usually want.

Btw, I think conflict management should happen while saving the file, rather than afterwards when the file is reopened. I get the feeling that this “feature” is a poor (and confusing) workaround, in order to avoid a clean solution which would probably be much more complex to implemet. But I’m not a dev, so take this with a grain of salt. :wink:

Yes, this!

In fact, doesn’t conflict resolution already happen locally upon save/sync? Desktop-side, when I edit a text file, I am sometimes prompted by the Nextcloud Desktop client to resolve a conflict after I write and it tries to sync. But then I still might see the current/saved prompt the next time I use the web-based text file editor, I guess to resolve what’s different between the additional copy in the browser’s local storage or whatever.

Also, on the backend, I hope folks are familiar with:

Agree with all of the above. But until larger changes can be made, maybe a tiny change would improve things a bit: make it clear what “current version” and “saved version” refer to, because I find them confusing. To me the current version is the one I last saved, so what’s the difference?

Maybe change “current version” to “version stored on this device” and “saved version” to “version stored in your Nextcloud”? Showing the modification times for each would also help.

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