Text app modifies text?

hi there :slight_smile: i’m trying to find the best way to create documents accessible online, and my first thought was with the text app, since i reallized it would enable online reading

so i create a document .md on my desktop, i sync it with the nextxloud desktop app, then i create a share link on my nextcloud, and i can visualize this document at this link, and share it

but then something weird happens : the text is modified, not by me ! it looks like an automatic markdown formatting :

i wrote :

* text
  more text

and it changed my document after a minute :

* text more text

i understand the standard markdown is to add two spaces after the first line to add a newline, ok, but i didnt expect the text app (if it is indeed this app) to modify my text !

my exemple is simple, but it could be a huge amount of text that would be changed

do you think it’s a feature ? in this case, this app is just not what i need. or a bug ? or another app doing that ?

There is an existing issue regarding this topic: Markdown files from external editors lose formatting on save · Issue #593 · nextcloud/text · GitHub

thank you ! well, that is an old issue, january 2020, and will most likely not be change since it is not really considered a bug by people maintaining the app : “Text is a WYSIWYG editor, thus it can’t - by definition - guarantee that no modifications happen” (Markdown files from external editors lose formatting on save · Issue #593 · nextcloud/text · GitHub), and because resolving it is actually pretty hard for lots of reasons for what i read

so i will find another way to publish content online, do you happens to know another nextcloud solution :slight_smile: ?