Text App doesn't load file right away

I recently upgraded Nextcloud from 16 to 17 and am having trouble with the “text” app. I’ve got a number of markdown files and when I open them, the text app does not display the contents of the file, just a black bar across the top with the name of the file. It shows just a blank page. However, If I leave the page in that state, after a few minutes the contents appear and all is correct. I’m able to edit the file as normal.

Is there a work-around for this behavior? Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Thanks for any help with this.

I am having the same problem.
I am running 17.0.1 upgraded from 16.x. And I have the latest version of the Text app from within Nextcloud.

I originally thought it wasn’t working at all, but you post made me realize if I waited, it would finally show up.

I believe I have discovered what is causing the delay. Watching processes with htop (or top) I see that as soon as I click to open the text file, clamscan starts. And the file finally loads after clamscan finishes.

I am looking into what clamscan is doing that is taking so long, I will update when I know more.
Can you confirm if you are seeing clamscan running a scan when you try to open a text file?

I changed from using clamscan executable mode to daemon socket mode and now the Text app opens file almost instantly.

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I’m also having the same problem and as sgocken I also originally thought it wasn’t working at all.

I checked with htop, as explained by sgocken, if clamscan start whenever I open a file and indeed it does so when I change the setting to daemon socket the problem was gone.

Appreciate your efforts.