Testers needed for the latest beta build

Anyone interested in providing feedback?


There’s potentially an issue with duplicate uploads and only a few devices so far have been used to test.

Install the app and do the following:

  • In the pull out menu find Autoupload
  • Configure a media folder to upload and enable it
  • Wait

Optionally have some files drop in while you’re waiting - I found the WhatsApp media folder to be excellent because I’m always getting small images (WA’s compression) through frequently - or at least it’s easy to ask contacts to send one across if not.

Here’s some context, it’s solved for me but @tobiasKaminsky is still seeing it:

Anyone interested in working autoupload should give this a whirl. Leave your comments (as in, whether or not it duplicates after a few hours of testing) here:

Leave your:

  • build number (version in settings)
  • Android version
  • Make and model of phone/tablet



Gread idea, Jason!
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Version 20170301 fixed it for me
[As I’m not allowed to post more than one image, I removed the one showing the version]
not only the first, but all pictures and screenshots were uploaded (like these two in my comment)

but older pictures or screenshots in the same directory on my phone didn’t upload…

Nextcloud Server 11.0.2 (stable) on Arch ARM running on Raspberry Pi 2
Nextcloud Android-App from your latest beta link at github
Moto Z Play Android 7.0

Indeed it’s not full sync yet, still just upload on detection of new file.

The latest nightly build apk I just downloaded from the link above works for instant uploads but still no folder sync.
Nextcloud Server running on Ubuntu 16.04
Nextcloud Android App latest nightly from github
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Android 7.0 (Native Camera App and others)

:slight_smile: full sync isn’t there yet.

I can help in testing. I have good experience in testing and automation. Pls ping me back with what should be focus areas. I would be glad to jump in !


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@tobiasKaminsky @Andy @mario

Can you guys update this topic when there are things to be tested please?

@karuguru the big changes have just been merged. RC is due any moment - I’m sure there’ll be an announcement - keep an eye out for it.

Need to find the time to do an announcement… 1.4.2 RC2 has been published on Google Play yesterday.

The focus is as Jason knows the massive improvement regarding auto upload to support a larger variety of devices (hopefully all…) for Android 6 & 7.

More info to follow soon, I am only on the phone at the moment…

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1.4.2 RC2 blocks me from taking screenshots, not so 20170301
20170301 cuts pictures in fullscreen preview, while 1.4.2 RC2 display them correct
(for comparison a screenshot how 20170301 display the Screenshot i posted yesterday right here)

also the quality looks poor on 20170301, while it looks quite good at 1.4.2 RC2, but as already mentioned i cant take a screenshot of this…
At both versions autoupload works fine

This latest build worked on my samsung galaxy s7 edge, with Android Nougat installed. The Auto upload feature started working again. It’s working pretty good so far.

I’m using update to 20170301 build