Test mail works <> Mail notifications don't work

Where exactely can I see the “recommended updates”? Here is a screenshot of my instance:

If there are any updates, you will find them in the first lines (the blue inverted buttons):

Ok, in our case there are no updates offered. But thank you for clarifying.
I’m curious if we will find out someday why we don’t get any notification e-mails (except configuration test message) :unamused:


Strange, that in your admin area the menu “+Apps” doesn’t show the current possible updates (see screenshot of @Mornsgrans)! Which version of Nextcloud are you running? What kind of environment are you using (raw Linux or some container)?

Raw Linux, Nextcloud 21.0.4 (I know, we have to update…)

I think upgrading to Nextcloud 23.x.x and checking name conventions should solve the problem! (see my comments). :wink:

Nextcloud 21 is not supported anymore: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/maintenance-releases-24-0-2-23-0-6-and-22-2-9-are-out-update/140914