Test mail works <> Mail notifications don't work

Where exactely can I see the “recommended updates”? Here is a screenshot of my instance:

If there are any updates, you will find them in the first lines (the blue inverted buttons):

Ok, in our case there are no updates offered. But thank you for clarifying.
I’m curious if we will find out someday why we don’t get any notification e-mails (except configuration test message) :unamused:


Strange, that in your admin area the menu “+Apps” doesn’t show the current possible updates (see screenshot of @Mornsgrans)! Which version of Nextcloud are you running? What kind of environment are you using (raw Linux or some container)?

Raw Linux, Nextcloud 21.0.4 (I know, we have to update…)

I think upgrading to Nextcloud 23.x.x and checking name conventions should solve the problem! (see my comments). :wink:

Nextcloud 21 is not supported anymore: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/maintenance-releases-24-0-2-23-0-6-and-22-2-9-are-out-update/140914

Dear all,

In the meantime we migrated the data to a new server. The server is currently running 27.1.9.
However, the users still don’t receive Activity e-mails if a file in a groupfolder gets changed or newly uploaded. As always the sending of a test message (Test configuration in Settings) works flawlessly.
Can anyone tell me if he/she receives e-mails when another user changes/upload files?

The latest Activity app is installed as well of course:

These are my settings:

However, the users still don’t receive Activity e-mails if a file in a groupfolder gets changed or newly uploaded.

For groupfolders specific stuff related to activities you may want to check the groupfolder’s repository with open issues tagged “feature: activity and notification”: Issues · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub

You can comment/upvote/subscribe there to track if desired.

Thank you. I thought it is more or less a built-in feature which gets fixed on a regular basis with minor/major Nextcloud releases. After looking into the specific GitHub repo, it looks somehow badly maintained. At least this is my impression.

In general: Can you or someone else tell me if the “normal Nextcloud” (without Group folders) sends out e-mails if existing files are changed and new files get uploaded in a shared folder?

I think and hope I have found the issue:

I will give it a try asap.

…indeed, this missing parameter fixed the problem:
‘activity_use_cached_mountpoints’ => ‘true’

Conclusion: “Group folders” (=group folder app) behave differently as normals shares. If you use normal shared folders, the notification emails (in case of folder/file activities) will work out of the box. However, ff you use so called “Group folders”, you have to add the above parameter - otherwise you won’t receive any notification emails upon any folder/file activities :unamused:

If one knows about this specific setting or behavior of Nextcloud, it’s easy of course. But after all this is everything, but not Admin-friendly. :-1:

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