No Activity Notifications

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04, Nginx, PHP 7.4, & Nextcloud 21.01. Everything is working fine except I’m not getting any activity emails at all. I setup the cron job for every five minutes and I watch it run without error in the syslog, but nothing happens. I get every test email that I send and use email 2fa that works perfectly. Is there anywhere I can look to get more info on why this is happening?

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I have exactly the same problem on Nextcloud snap.

Can anyone please help??

Thanks in advance

I’ve tried everything I can think of with negative results. Changing permissions on the cron.php file, setting up full paths to php in crontab & piping the output to a log file which was blank. Every log I can find is saying the file is executing without errors, but still not emails.

Can anyone think of anything I can try to troubleshoot this issue?

Still having this issue. Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting direction?

Figured out that the only notification emails I’m getting besides 2fa is when I share a link and someone downloads the files.

Any ideas?

I finally did a reinstall with NC 22, apache, php 7.4 on Ubuntu 20.04. I’m still not getting any emails apart from a shared file change or 2fa.

Does anyone have any suggestions please.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Still working on this issue. I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t seen more on this issue. Getting notified about file changes is an essential part of this app.

The only emails I get are when a shared folder/file changes. No other activity emails at all. I’m not getting any errors that I can find.

I don’t want this thread to be forgotten. Any suggestions that can help me troubleshoot this issue would be very appreciated.

I can say that everything was working fine with NC19 and it stopped working on NC20. I figured a fresh install of NC22 would fix it, but I was wrong.

Thank you

I’m in the same place Rick, been trying to get this to work again for weeks. Apparently, the problem lies in the activity app.
I’ve also first encountered this when updating from NC19 (where it was working fine) to NC21. If I knew how to downgrade back to NC19, I’d do that, but apparently that’s no option without starting from scratch.

Here’s the github-page for the app’s issues: Issues · nextcloud/activity · GitHub

One user tried to sum up all related tickets here:

If you ever find a way to solve this, I’d be glad if you posted it here or over at github.
Good luck

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OMG, there is the answer of dozends of threads and nobody did communicate it before.

I was a little bit confused, because I newer received activity notification mails sind I did update to NC 20, but a couple of days ago I received one after annother one did download a shared file.

Wow, thank you for the find. I’ve been looking in the wrong places. At least now we know.

What can we do to get this feature reinstated?

Thanks again.

[quote=“Mornsgrans, post:9, topic:115225”]
OMG, there is the answer [/quote]

Where? Am I blind? What is the answer. We have the same issue since upgrading from v18 to v21 :frowning:

Yeah, removing your own actions from the Activity app was never part of the plan as far as I remember. It should stay as it is not only useful in single-user setups, but also for teams it gives important context. @icewind1991
(That is, of course no emails or notifications for your own actions – but showing them in Activity.

(linked in the quote in Github 4 postings above)

Besides learn how to code and spend months fixing this issue, what can we do?

Looks like everyone who’s asked for the feature back has been shot down.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Finally just reinstalled version 19. Didn’t want to, but I needed the notifications.

What puzzles me is why did the developers leave the option when it was shut off?

Why does nobody care about this issue??? This was an essential feature for us :roll_eyes:

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Can anyone confirm if “Email Activity Notifications” are working or not in the most recent versions of Nextcloud? I would really like to upgrade my system past version 19. Email Activity Notifications are absolutely necessary for me.


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i’ve looked several post of this argument but no nobody clarified my dubt, why this func is disabled and why there still webui options? the universe questions will clarified before this question