Tell us about an app you like

I would like to start a thread today where you introduce apps that you particularly like. It’s not so much about presenting common apps like Files or Office. But maybe you like an app that you want to introduce here.

I find the app Secrets quite interesting. It enables end-to-end encrypted data transfer via the browser directly by link. This makes it quite easy to exchange passwords, for example. The server does not know the text because it is client-side encrypted. After first read the information is deleted on the server.

Do you know any interesting apps that might deserve more attention?


My favourite Nextcloud App is Memories, so i want to praise it here.
I am running a Nextcloud as our family cloud. One of the main use case is to upload photos from smartphone and enjoy them.
I started my Nextcloud some years back, when the gallery app was in place. Meanwhile the official app for is “photos”, which is preinstalled by default.
But - with Memories there is something much better available IMO:

  • It’s much faster
  • It’s more beautiful
  • It’s integrating more features

All in all, it’s just fun to browse through Memories.


I still use Nextcloud mainly as a server backend to synchronise things with various client apps and I rarely log in to the web interface with my normal user account at all. So I tend to favour apps that extend the backend with additional synchronisation capabilities…

My favorites (besides the core DAV sever capabilties Files, Calendar and Contacts):

Bookmarks, as a backend for Floccus

Notes, as a backend for Notes

News and Passwords would also be apps that could be used this way, but for these usecases I prefer to use FreshRSS and Vaultwarden

For photos, I don’t have a definitive solution yet. I use the auto-upload feature of the Nextcloud Android app, which works well, but Nextcloud Photos is clearly not a great solution for managing or even archiving photos. Memories is better, but I am still not fully convinced and will probably need one or more dedicated solutions for these use cases, which I’m honestly not sure if they even exist in the OSS space.

Addition;offtopic: In order for their web applications to really compete with Google Workspaces or other commercial services, and therefore for me to use it, they would probably have to abstract the web frontend further from the server backend, and probably also segment the server backend into multiple micro services (yes, I know: buzzword alert! :wink: ). However, this is unlikely to happen as long as they continue to use the Sabre/Dav backend and the Symfony framework to which everything has to be attached somehow.

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