Team/Group Planning Calendar

Does Nextcloud provide a group/team (planning) calendar?

As far as I know, it is not available. Would there be more people interested to have a group/team based (planning) calendar in Nextcloud?

It would be very nice when the team calendar would use the agenda data, that is already present for a user in Nextcloud. But only for the bigger/longer events, like a business trip, illness, a day off, multiple days off, a holiday and the like.

On the other hand the team planner should show duty services, like: for out of office hours, hotline, project assignments, etc. These should show up in the user’s agenda.

A very nice example is available at -> I especially like the ‘date range’, with the possibility to provide the number of days and weeks that should be shown. Together with the zoom factor makes it very flexible.


To make it an effective tool, user data should only be provided once while a user could be part of multiple teams.

Would it be possible to include a teamplanner in Nextcloud (based on / using already available apps, such as the calendar, circles app, and the flow app or whatever is needed).

Their is no feuater called that. But you cann use a new user make a new calender, share it, and give read and write permission to everyone included.
The Calender object can be used as normal from every user.