Team/Group concept in Nextcloud?

I am new to Nextcloud but have set up a server with OnlyOffice and Elastic integrations.

I am trying to understand how Nextcloud handles groups/teams/projects but find it hard to follow the documentation. If you compare it to a team in O365/MS Teams, where can users find a list of teams / groups they are a member of? Or is there no concept of a team object gathering the different resources in one place?

Groups and group membership is controlled in the user menu accessible only to admins. Any user can be assigned as members of any defined groups. Resources shared with a group are available to all users assigned to that group.

Thank you! So there is no list of “My teams” or similar on the dashboard? Seems complicated to navigate for users if there is not concept in the UI for this?

There is no justification for the end user to know anything about it. If they are part of a group, they get access to the group’s shared resources. If they are not a member of the group, they are denied access to the group’s resources. Adding some weird UI to show to the users will just confuse them without providing any benefit.

Groups are more admin thing… If you are looking for user managed groups maybe Circles is a solution

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Thank you! Cirkles looks like it is the concept I am looking for. People can join circles, they are listed clearly so you can get pack into them easily etc. Tried setting up Circles in v22.1.1 but there seems to be a bug in activating Circles right now. Will try later.