Tasks stopped synchronizing to Android

I just noticed a few days ago that tasks stopped syncing to my phone.

I’m using latest DAVx5 and Tasks.org on Adnroid against NC 28.0.1.

When I realized that no matter what I do, new tasks created on the phone don’t get synced to NC, despite the DAVx5 sync process finishing without any notification, I went ahead and reinstalled both apps on the phone.

Now I can see all my calendars (which have to-do lists) in Tasks.org, but all of them appear empty.

My calendars and contacts keep syncing to Android just fine. Also, tasks do sync to Thunderbird on my desktop.

Anyone else experienced something like this?

Same problem here, I tried switching to jtxboard, no success

I thought it had to do with the subscription plan of tasks.org changing but I must have had it wrong in memory that it ever really said “free” on Synchronization · Tasks

Apparently, according to archive.org, that table on tasks.org last changed sometime before 2022, and the DAVx5 part is unchanged for even longer.

Anyway, this issue has nothing to do with some service subscription. tasks.org clearly states that it’s completely free on OSS self-hosting; and DAVx5 is Free/Paid only because that app is paid if you happen to install it from Play Store, as opposed to e.g. F-Droid (or from github directly, like I do).