Tasks not appearing in Calendar

Nextcloud version (18.03)
Task app version (0.12.1)
Calendar app version (2.0.2)

From the web UI, I enabled the task app, added a couple of tasks with start and end dates. I switch to the Calendar app, but don’t see the tasks. Am I missing something?

As the names told you, tasks can be seen using the Tasks app, and calendar entries can be seen using the Calendar app. :wink:

Right. Thanks for replying. Day 2 with Nextcloud and I’m working my way through Nextcloud logic. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. So as I understand it now, Tasks use the Calendar CalDAV file for storing scheduling information, but doesn’t actually display that information on the calendar. As long as I can understand it, I can work with it.

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A follow up question question…


When setting up a new calendar, you have the choice of ‘New calendar’ or ‘New calendar with task list’. What then is the significance of the latter?

EDIT: I think I know the answer. Tasks can’t be stored in the former.

I would assume that the second one is also displayed within the task app, which is not always desired. Basically both variants should be able to store tasks because this is a core function of the underlying CalDAV protocol.

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